Equip your workplace with technology solutions to help you navigate this new normal! Watch our webinars below!

Thermal Scanners

Companies today are in need of monitoring the health of their team on a daily basis. UBEO is providing a non-contact, fully automated temperature check kiosk with virtual receptionist technology.

  • Touch free voice & QR Code Integration
  • Virtual Receptionist Capabilities
  • Microsoft Teams Integrations
  • Allows for Cloud Hosting of Data

Anti-Microbial Film

UBEO is now offering a revolutionary anti-microbial film as a safety feature on all of our office devices. This amazing new product provides an added layer of protection by utilizing silver ions to eliminate the growth of microbes.

  • Protect your team
  • Lasts up to 5 years
  • Apply to copier, printers and high-touch areas
  • Reduces microbes in minutes

Digital Document Transformation

There is a certain comfort in holding a piece of paper in your hand. But, with today’s challenges where staff is working remote and typical departmental document workflow is fractured, it just doesn’t make sense anymore. Digital documents can ease the already strained processes in your office. Some key benefits are:

  • Disaster preparedness and ability to be nimble when uncertainty is high
  • Back-file scanning for business continuity
  • UBEO support to help develop a path to move your organization through your digital document transformation

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If you are unsure if these products would be helpful to you, ask yourself some questions:

Is your team able to access the information they need given the changes in the workplace?

Do your business processes allow your team to work from anywhere or does paper keep them stuck in the office?

What is your plan to ensure team members can work safely given the health challenges we face?

Session 1: Safe & Healthy Office Solutions

  • A revolutionary anti-microbial product for shared office devices
  • Touch-less printing solutions to limit contact with shared devices
  • Additional solutions to manage health monitoring of team members returning to the office

Session 2: Work Anywhere Solutions

  • Solutions to keep your team connected no matter where they are
  • Why cloud based document management systems are no longer optional
  • How digital document transformation can become a strategic advantage

Session 3: Digital Document Transformation

  • Disaster preparedness and being nimble when uncertainty is high
  • Why back-file scanning is essential for business continuity
  • How to develop a path to move your organization through your digital document transformation

Reach out to our team for more information on UBEO’s Healthy Office Solutions!