Do you care about the health of your operations?

Healthcare is perhaps one of the most challenging and highly regulated industries. With the implementation of Electronic Records Management systems, it is critical that your document system integrates seamlessly with your legally required systems.

Being able to blend the paper and digital worlds takes knowledge and experience. As a business technology integration specialist, UBEO is the premier partner in developing and executing document workflows and communication systems in the healthcare space.

Security & Compliance

HIPAA strategies, secure printing, and controlled access to sensitive data

ERM Integration

Integrate your paper processes with your ERM system

Mobile Solutions

Integrate mobile solutions in your environment in a controlled and responsible strategy

Electronic Document Management

Streamline workflows to reduce redundant tasks and gain instant access to patient related files

Fax Management

Reduce paper use through fax management

Scanning Solutions

Digitize your patient records and notes for instant access in your ERM system