The High Cost of a Low Price

Poor copier service is sadly typical for most businesses. Many copier service companies are in a race to be the low-cost provider, often cutting service pricing at the expense of  preventative maintenance, premium parts and experienced technicians.

The problem? Over time, the lack of maintenance will cause serious performance problems and cut the life of your equipment. Their solution? Roll the cost of your old machine into a new one.

That’s not how we do business.

If you settle for terrible copier service…


Excessive Downtime

When you partner with a cheap vendor, expect excessive downtime. You get what you pay for.

Idle Employees

How much do you pay your employees? Over 70% of admin functions go through an office multi-function device. When your machine experiences downtime, so does your team.

What's the Solution?

Found out how valuable 98% Up Time and a 94% First Call Fix Rate can be to your organization.