The Devil’s in the Details

Do you have a closet full of different kinds of toner cartridges? How painful was it the last time you upgraded software and lost print functionality?

Printers are often purchased organically over time with no thought to overall document strategy. Each model that is added to a network becomes yet another print driver and set of ink cartridges that must be managed.

Many IT departments will decide they no longer wish to support the printer and will install them locally on each user’s computer. At that point, the organization risks losing control of that device from a security and cost perspective.

If you enjoy systemic inefficiency…


Waste of IT Resources

The IT department’s focus should be on mission critical task such as security and not on low value tasks like printer management.

Unpredictable Migrations

“Will my migration go smoothly? Please say yes, please say yes…”

What's the Solution?

Printer Standardization streamlines your fleet and minimizes IT workload. Get more details on Print Fleet Management.