Back Up to Your Backups

Digital Document management can be a cost effective and beneficial addition to your overall document strategy. When exploring different document management solutions, it is helpful to focus on what the organization is trying to achieve by reducing paper usage. Some organizational goals that digital document solutions can help to achieve are:

  • Improving access to (and backups for) critical information
  • Efficient document storage and retrieval
  • Reducing printing costs
Ask About EDM!

Having a backup system for critical documents means protecting the livelihood of your organization

If your business experienced a fire, flood, or other catastrophic event that resulted in the loss of your paper documents, what would the impact be? Most businesses average an operational lifespan of only 6 weeks after a critical loss of data!

The most crucial aspect of a successful digital document management integration is not the product itself, but the implementation partner. UBEO’s systems engineers are experts at integrating digital document solutions into your existing document system.


Turnkey Implementation

In-house technicians design and configure your solution, implement and provide on-going support. No hand-offs. No call centers. No hassles.

Brand Agnostic

Brand agnostic means we support only the best and most reliable systems. If a product doesn’t serve our clients, we don’t carry it.

No Hourly Support Fees

On-going support is included in our service cost. No hourly fees to correct system issues that reside within the original scope of work.